Ideal Guillotine Electric 4315 - Without Stand

Ideal Guillotine Electric 4315 - Without Stand

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Convenient, electric guillotine with manual clamp, 430 mm cutting length, and 435 mm table depth (for formats up to A3).

  • Cutting height: 40 mm
  • Table depth: 435 mm
  • Cutting length: 430 mm
  • Narrow cut: 35 mm
  • This does not come with the stand!
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Transparent safety guard.
The hinged safety guard has to be closed to unlock the blade lever for the cutting process.

Hand crank.
The calibrated hand crank and the measuring tape on the side lay ensure the exact positioning of the backgauge.

Patented EASY-CUT activating bars.
A cut can be executed conveniently by means of the patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars, which guarantee a safe two-hand operation.

Digital measurement readout.
Easy-to-read digital display on the front table with switch-over from mm to inches by a push of a button.

"Fast flick" action clamp.
Efficient cutting is guaranteed by the ”fast flick“ action clamp. Insert paper stack, throw the lever to tighten – cut.

Cutting stick change.
Turning or exchanging the cutting stick can easily be managed from the outside of the guillotine without using any tools.


Height 355 mm
Width 640 mm
Depth 870 mm
Weight 81 kg
Height with stand 1085 mm 
Weight with stand 91 kg
Height with cabinet 1080 mm
Weight with cabinet 113 kg
Cutting length 430 mm
Cutting height 40 mm
Narrow cut 35 mm
Table depth 435 mm



The Ideal Guillotine Electric 4315 - Without Stand destined to impress, and priced at only $6,100.00, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 28, 2021

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