Qupa D600 Electric Combo Binding Machine

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Qupa D600 Combo Electric Binding Machine

The QUPA D600 Combo Electric Binding Machine is an Electric Binding machine that comes with interchangeable die sets which allows you to use a range of punch requirements. Basically you can remove the metal punch pins where required to facilitate different punch requirements. This binding machine can be used for a range of  binding applications including plastic comb, 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire and 2/4 Hole punch.It also comes with a foot pedal to make it easy to punch up to 25 sheets at a time.This easy to use and diverse office binding machine  is used by multiple people in small, medium, large offices, schools and government departments. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


What do you get?

  • The Qupa D600 Binding Machine
  • The Qupa S600 Closer (Closes combs and wire's)
  • The Qupa COMB DIE (21 hole with disengageable punches)
  • The Qupa 3:1 WIRE DIE (3:1 wire with Die disengageable punches)
  • The QUPA 2:1 WIRE DIE (2:1 Wire with Die disengageable punches)


Qupa D600 Electric Binding Machine Video:



Qupa D600 Combo Electric Binding Machine Key Features:


  • One of Best Office Electric Binding Machines and a TRULY AMAZING DEAL ON PRICE
  • Heavy duty electric punch
  • Punches up to 25 sheets with foot pedal operation
  • Interchangeable dies with pin sets that can be disengaged
  • Suitable for different size punch
  • Positive push-draw die set replacement facilitates operation
  • Wire die with punches that can be disengaged
  • We will include the dies above in the price for this very special deal.

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