Lounge & Reception

Business Base offers a wide range of Lounge and Reception Range Furniture Australia-wide including Armchairs, Sofas, Settees, Reception Counters, and much more.

Zoom Single Tub

Zoom Single Tub

Sale price $105.00 Regular price $239.00
Save $134
Firenze Square Coffee Table - Business Base

Firenze Square Coffee Table

Regular price $239.00
Zenergy Chair - Black - Business Base

Zenergy Chair - Black

Regular price $295.00
Novaro Single Tub - Business Base

Novaro Single Tub

Regular price $299.00
Ikon Ottomon - Business Base

Ikon Ottomon

Regular price $299.00
Firenze Rectangle Coffee Table - Business Base

Firenze Rectangle Coffee Table

Regular price $349.00
Bari Single Tub - Business Base

Bari Single Tub

Regular price $349.00
Novaro Double Tub - Business Base

Novaro Double Tub

Regular price $369.00
Sienna Single Armchair - Business Base

Sienna Single Armchair

Regular price $515.00
Soho Cube Arm Chair - Business Base

Soho Cube Arm Chair

Regular price $529.00
Ikon Single Armchair - Business Base

Ikon Single Armchair

Regular price $575.00
Firenze Single - Business Base

Firenze Single

Regular price $599.00
Ruke Chair - Business Base

Ruke Tub Chair

Regular price $599.00
Orion Reception Counter - Business Base

Orion Reception Counter

Regular price $629.00
Counter Sign - Cutout (6mm) - Business Base

Counter Sign - Cutout (6mm)

Regular price $649.00
Industry Modular Reception Counter - Business Base

Industry Modular Reception Counter

Regular price $650.00
Stellar Frontline Reception Counter

Stellar Frontline Reception Counter

Regular price $659.00
Cygnet Double Tub - Business Base

Cygnet Double Tub

Regular price $669.00